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Kelvin L Solco is a successful entrepreneur, public speaker, mentor, and the president of  The Solco Group LLC. He is best known for his incredible resilience, having beaten the odds after suffering severe burns over 30% of his body when he was only an infant.

Kelvin was born in Orange and spent the first few months of his life in the hospital due to his extensive injuries. After extensive reconstructive surgery, he was able to go home and was expected to live a relatively normal life with some physical limitations.

However, Kelvin was determined to make the most of his life and refused to let his past define him. He embraced every subject in grade school and was accepted into the prestigious Prairie View A&M University, where he studied civil engineering. After graduating with honors, Kelvin entered the aviation industry as a civil engineer. After years of mastering airport planning, navigational systems, pavement engineering, strategic planning, and leadership development, Kelvin founded his own planning and engineering firm, The Solco Group, LLC, which further enhanced his reputation in the aviation and transportation industry. Kelvin continues to enhance his reputation for excellence and his passion for helping others.

Kelvin is a gifted motivational and inspirational public speaker and has made numerous speeches at conferences, workshops, and seminars at multiple locations around the United States. Kelvin is well-versed in government policy development, innovative planning, cost estimating, and research. But it is his own personal story of resilience and determination that truly sets him apart.

Kelvin’s story of overcoming adversity has inspired countless people from all walks of life. To this day, he continues to live by his motto: “Never complain about anything unless you're willing to do something about it.” He is a shining example of what can be achieved when we refuse to be defined by our circumstances.

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